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Maleeha Bengali is CEO of MB Commodities Capital, based in London.

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The Japanese Yen Is Like a Pressure Cooker and the Lid's About to Blow Off

Most do not look at the Yen but it has been the source of great pain in past systemic collapses.

Oil Can Only Go Up? Yeah, Right, Where Have We Heard That Before?

When the whole world sees nothing but upside in one place, beware.

New Investors Have Awoken to a Tough Lesson About the Fed

As we reach the day of 'witching,' novice investors looking for the bottom must now realize that this time the Fed and their 'tools' are limited as inflation spirals out of control.

Inflation May Have Peaked, but Is the Fed Done Tightening?

It wouldn't seem that way, as the Fed seems intent on bringing the inflation rate down to a more reasonable level.

At Some Point, Commodities Find Balance, Too

Don't forget about the importance of timing and demand as we look at wild moves in oil from the Covid lows to now.

Now It's All One Big Macro Trade

The liquidity that pushed up all risky assets is now the leading factor in taking them down.

Supply and Demand Are Critical, but Remember: Timing Is Still Everything

Econ 101 suggests that at some point, either the supply side catches up, or demand falls to get prices back in equilibrium. Let's see what this means for oil -- and a potential recession.

Fundamentals? It Has All Been About Central Bank Liquidity!

All eyes will be on the Fed this Wednesday to see if this 'weakness' will or can cause them to reverse their policy.

Wait, Wasn't Gold Supposed to Be the Best Inflation Hedge?

Sometimes it's better to be in cash as there really is no place to hide.

Don't Look at Equities, Look at What FX and Bonds Are Signaling

The Fed is running the same experiment over and over again expecting a different result.

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