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Maleeha Bengali is CEO of MB Commodities Capital, based in London.

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The Fed's Resolve Is Being Tested

Let's see how soon they come back in to support the market should the S&P 500 lose its key 200 day moving average support of 3020.

The Market Is a Tale of 2 Sectors - Technology vs. Everyone Else

The only way for the S&P 500 to make new highs is for the remainder sectors to take the baton from technology and do some of the heavy lifting as well.

Let's Get Real: The Market's Rally Has All Been About Fed Liquidity

Anyone who says this market is up on "fundamentals" is lying to themselves.

Friday's Triple Witching Is Distorting the True Trend of the Market

It's a violent fight between bulls and bears.

Fed's Powell Sealed the Fate of Market Momentum

The market misread the narrative that there was a cyclical recovery. That equity spike had to come back to earth.

Is This a True Recovery or an Unwind? All Eyes on Powell and the Yield Curve

Let's see how the Fed Chairman Jerome Powell can justify more liquidity measures as jobs data have improved and asset markets rebound strongly.

Chicken or the Egg: What's Causing This Dollar Weakness, Cyclical Rotation?

It's important to keep an eye on the dollar as it underlines the performance of all asset classes and sector rotation.

How and Where to Invest In a World Like This

There is no doubt we will be entering a period of hyper- or stagflation. Buy commodities, but be choosy.

Average Joe Has One Up on the Smart Money, but for How Long?

Retail investors have been outperforming hedge fund managers and institutions, though the verdict is still out on whether the party will last.

Don't 'Peg' Your Hopes on Sustainable Oil Prices

There is a lot of oil that needs to be soaked up before we see higher sustainable prices, and meanwhile the Saudi-U.S. relationship is thicker than crude.

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