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Maleeha Bengali is CEO of MB Commodities Capital, based in London.

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Watch the Dollar: It Is Not Over Until the Fat Lady Sings

Let's see where the greenback goes from here, because that will be revealing in multiple ways.

Growth vs. Value: Can Cheap Get Any Cheaper?

It is tempting, but daunting, for a portfolio manager to try and call the unwinding of the growth/value trade to make a name for themselves.

Deflation or Inflation - Where Are We Exactly?

The Fed, as much as it would like, cannot print a vaccine nor change human psychology.

What Is China Up to Behind the Scenes?

The Chinese are trying to spur action in their equity market as they look to catch up to the U.S. equity market.

Dr. Copper Benefits From Supply Shortages as Demand Picks Up

The metal is one commodity that should be bought on any weakness, barring a full-blown economic recession.

Did the Fed Overreact and Print Too Much?

The central bank is stuck between a rock and a hard place, which it knows fully well.

The Fed's Resolve Is Being Tested

Let's see how soon they come back in to support the market should the S&P 500 lose its key 200 day moving average support of 3020.

The Market Is a Tale of 2 Sectors - Technology vs. Everyone Else

The only way for the S&P 500 to make new highs is for the remainder sectors to take the baton from technology and do some of the heavy lifting as well.

Let's Get Real: The Market's Rally Has All Been About Fed Liquidity

Anyone who says this market is up on "fundamentals" is lying to themselves.

Friday's Triple Witching Is Distorting the True Trend of the Market

It's a violent fight between bulls and bears.

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