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Maleeha Bengali is CEO of MB Commodities Capital, based in London.

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Inflation May Be Slowing, but That Doesn't Mean the Fed Is

Investors are cheering the slowing pace of inflation's increase, but prices are still way up, which means the Fed is going to continue to take liquidity out of the system.

I Don't Mean to Be Crude, but Those Bullish Oil Forecasts Are Bull

Oil demand appears to be slipping as supply picks up, which indicates lower prices are ahead.

There's a Reason Why August Never Makes Any Sense

Small moves are exaggerated due to a lack of liquidity, which could explain why fund managers are told never to take on risk this month.

The Oil Bulls Aren't as Bullish as They Were as Demand Withers

Small surprise, then, that oil prices are declining and so are oil-related equities as market fundamentals win out.

Why Gold Isn't Protecting Investors Against Inflation (Or Is It?)

Let's check on gold and its move relative to the U.S. dollar.

Biden's Visit to Saudi Arabia Won't Lower Oil Prices

Supply, demand and timing are what matter for this commodity.

After the Worst Half Since the '70s, What's in Store for the Second Half?

The short answer is a rough patch, especially if the housing market takes a serious tumble.

OPEC+ Opens the Spigot, but Are We Just Repeating Mistakes of 2008?

As we see this increase in oil production get rubberstamped, we must remember that demand never moves in a straight line.

Don't Expect Fed Relief Anytime Soon

Major selloffs in recent years were accompanied by Fed cuts and market bottoms, but this time is different.

The Fed's Hands Are Tied While It Watches the Dominos Fall

After decades of printing more and more money to tape up the economy like an old car in need of an overhaul, the Fed now sees its policies coming back to bite.

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