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Maleeha Bengali is CEO of MB Commodities Capital, based in London.

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When It Comes to Gas Prices, Know What Is Cyclical and What is Secular

Just months ago, we heard cries about Europe running out of gas amid a harsh winter. Now, with gas prices down at least 50%, what will happen with fuel-oil switching?

The Market Only Cares About a Fed Pivot and Nothing More

All eyes will be on the Fed next week as to how they handle angry tantrum-throwing toddler investors demanding even more candy.

Will Biden Get Lucky With His Oil Policy or Leave the U.S. Exposed?

Depending on global demand, the White House might just prove a strategic investor.

We're in a Market That's Unable to Rally

The new world order is one of higher rates, stickier inflation, and less liquidity.

OPEC Panicked

One wonders what the reason was for OPEC's hasty decision to cut production now especially at a time when the world is battling inflation.

Don't Central Banks Get That They Are Making the Problem Worse?

Their moves threaten to make inflation a problem for years to come.

Believe in a Soft Landing ... Yeah, and That Inflation Was 'Transitory'

Let's look at just how much lower we can go, how much higher rates can rise and what's flying in the U.K. and Japan.

Here's Why Oil Is Unable to Rally Despite Low Inventories

The oil market is not only about supply but it is also about demand.

The Market Is Trying to Front Run the Fed Amid Multiple Variables

Expect the Fed to continue sharply raising interest rates as the August CPI inflation reading was higher than expected.

Delusions and Dreams Drove Wild Moves in Typically Lazy August

Let's see why the market rose and fell like a giant meme stock this summer - and why this time is different for the central banks of the world.

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