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Maleeha Bengali is CEO of MB Commodities Capital, based in London.

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Why Is Sector Allocation So Important Now?

The fact of the matter is that the Fed knows as much as the market does, or perhaps even less.

Is Europe the New Poster Child for Asset Allocation in 2023?

It never pays to be invested in a one-sided way for too long, at least as it pertains to commodities such as natural gas.

Don't Let What's Coming Down the Pipe for Copper Knock You Off Guard

Here's why investors should refrain from fitting a narrative to copper's price move, and instead focus on getting properly positioned.

Back to the Dark Ages? No, We're Not Running Out of Natural Gas

We're past the middle of the peak of winter and even assuming this cold weather spell, inventories should close the season very comfortably.

Recession or Not? Market Wants to Have Their Cake and Eat It Too

What is really not priced in and not known is how bad will the 'higher for longer' rates of 5% be taken by the economy that is so levered in debt.

Do Precious Metals Know Something the Equity Markets Do Not?

We shall see as 2023 begins to unfold, with the movement of the dollar being a key factor for how various asset classes will move.

Oil Bulls Face a Slippery Trade

With all eyes on supply and not demand, this commodity has been a tough play, but lets see which wheels oil is greasing and which it's locking up.

Hey, Traders, Get It in Your Head That the Fed Isn't Pivoting, OK?

The Fed's fight against inflation is far from over and the period of easy money is over, so act accordingly.

All I Want for Christmas Is for the Fed Not to Break Anything

We've got three big events that could together move the markets. Here's the one I'm watching the most closely.

Recession or No Recession in 2023? That's the Question

A big part of the answer depends on the price of oil.

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