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Maleeha Bengali is CEO of MB Commodities Capital, based in London.

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China's Weak Data Could Not Come at a Worse Time

All eyes are on the Fed now, and all Powell needs to do is stick with the 'gradual rate hikes' story.

Taking a Leap of Faith Is the Only Way to Invest Right Now

This week is do-or-die for the market, as the bear and bulls continue their tug of war.

Investing Is Tough in a World Where Trump Presides

This is becoming a game for adrenalin junkies, as trade wars and negative headlines are increasingly the nemesis of the market.

To Navigate This Market, We All Must Become Yield Curve Specialists

Investing right now is like running through a minefield with absolutely zero training and traps everywhere.

Qatar's OPEC Defection Has Broader Implications for Oil Markets

Smaller oil producers, if united together, would have more of a voice than being part of a bigger organization.

Trump/Xi Trade Truce: Back to Square One for the Markets

This was not a suspension of the trade war, merely a suspension in the escalation of it.

Powell Sends a Shot Down the Line, and the Ball Is in Trump's Court

Fed Chair Jerome Powell's more-dovish speech on Wednesday sent the dollar down and the markets up.

This Will Be a Triple Whammy Weekend: Tariffs, Oil and the Dollar

The outcome of this weekend will be binary, taking the markets sharply higher or lower.

It Is 'Do or Die' Time for the Markets

With 90% of global assets now in negative territory for the year, only a dovish Fed or some agreement on trade can bring back the bull run.

Markets Are Like a Game of Jenga

Trading floors are no different than the arenas that host gladiator games, in this case one that is most liquid survives.

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