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Peter Tchir started his career at Bankers Trust and later at Deutsche Bank, running high-yield derivatives. He has traded all manner of fixed-income products, both on the sell side as a market maker and as a portfolio manager at a fixed-income hedge fund.  During the financial crisis he ran the U.S. CDS-index business (made famous by The Big Short) for RBS. He was an early adopter of fixed income ETFs and has worked closely with the biggest traders, users and providers.

Tchir received B.S. in mathematics and computer sciences from the University of Waterloo and an MBA with distinction from Vanderbilt University, where he also won the Matt Wiggington Leadership Award for outstanding performance in finance.

Tchir describes his investing style as contrarian by nature and uses macroeconomic analysis to think about the next 3% to 5% move in the S&P 500, often a timeframe of weeks to months rather than years. When he’s not thinking about market movements (it’s rare!), you can find him applying his competitive spirit on the golf course. 

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