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Stephen "Sarge" Guilfoyle is the founder and President of Sarge986 LLC, a family run trading operation. An NYSE floor trader for over 30 years, Guilfoyle has served as the Chief Market Economist for Stuart Frankel & Co., the U.S. Economist for Meridian Equity Partners, and as a Vice President in Block Trading and Investment Banking with Credit Suisse over the years. Guilfoyle earned his nickname serving as an actual sergeant in reserve components of the US Marine Corps, and US Army while simultaneously working on Wall Street.
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Recent Articles By The Author

Get a Load of This

News breaks this afternoon that the Walt Disney Company will unveil their new Disney+ streaming service on April 11 at the firm's investor day. ESPN+ is already in place. I am a subscriber. Great service. Five bucks a month. Disney will soon own the...

Da Banks

The banks are strong today after, for the most part, struggling through a mixed week. Bank of America  I feel had the most impressive earnings. Citigroup  perhaps the least impressive. Don't forget that Citi has more foreign exposure than BAC, and i...

More on China

For someone else's perspective, in an e-mailed message, one of my pals who you all know, Peter Tchir (Real Money contributor) of Academy Securities sent this...  Lots of signs pointing towards the 'easy' deal with China. Heavy on China buying things...

So Sentimental

Needless to say, this day has been quite hectic. A good day. No complaints. Just never got around to discussing something that I thought important. The University of Michigan put their advance sentiment number to the tape this morning. Wow, was that...

Is This Believable?

By now, I would imagine that you have read the story in Bloomberg, or seen the headlines scroll across your television. A six-year buying spree? Increasing imports into China of U.S. goods by a cool $1 trillion over that period? Reducing the trade i...

Are Improving Trade Conditions Pushing the Markets Higher?

What The? Equity markets accelerated to the upside significantly after 10 am ET. It's as if somebody knows something. Improved conditions on trade?That's everyone's guess right now. There certainly seems to be nothing on the government shutdown. Bes...

I Think I'll Buy Some Tesla Today, but No, I'm Not Crazy

I admittedly have built up a negative bias toward TSLA over time.

Beautiful Oil

OPEC reports the largest monthly drop in production in almost two years. Oil prices head north on Friday morning. WTI Crude trades above $53 per barrel. The EIA earlier this week, adjusted expected U.S. output to more than 12 million barrels per day...

Elon's Email

"We must do everything we can to advance the cause of building affordable clean energy products at scale..." That's what Elon Musk emailed to Tesla employees as the company cuts its full-time staff by roughly 3,000 individuals, or 7%. My thought: th...

A Number of Things About Netflix Earnings Have Left Me Wondering: Market Recon

Unfortunately for NFLX, the competition will only increase.

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