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Stephen "Sarge" Guilfoyle is the founder and President of Sarge986 LLC, a family run trading operation. An NYSE floor trader for over 30 years, Guilfoyle has served as the Chief Market Economist for Stuart Frankel & Co., the U.S. Economist for Meridian Equity Partners, and as a Vice President in Block Trading and Investment Banking with Credit Suisse over the years. Guilfoyle earned his nickname “Sarge” while serving as an actual sergeant in reserve components of the U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Army while simultaneously working on Wall Street.

He self-identifies as a day trader, long-term investor, and anything in between. He believes in removing the emotion out of the decision-making process and trusting the data. Look to Guilfoyle to prepare you for the trading day with his popular early morning Market Recon newsletter on Real Money, which provides a mix of fundamentals, technical analysis, economic commentary and trading ideas. 

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Recent Articles By The Author

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There's a lot to not like here.

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For the first time in 20 years, U.S. consumers did not pay down some credit card debt during the first quarter.

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Decelerating Inflation, Accelerating Claims, Debt Drama, Elon's Twitter News

Plus, defense chiefs testify before Congress about hypersonic weapons and the ability of the U.S. to defend itself against them.

Disney Remains a Work in Progress: Here's Where to Add Shares

Bringing back CEO Bob Iger was the right call at the right time.

CPI's Goldilocks' Moment, Inflation and the Fed, Google AI, Trading Alphabet

Unlike our friend who visited the house of the three bears, don't get too comfortable. That's how expectations become unanchored.

That's a Wrap

That was an interesting day. We had a really mediocre April consumer price index report that markets wanted to celebrate just because the headline year-over-year pace of inflation slowed down by just one tick. Ten markets sold off into the afternoon...

Baseball Trivia Answer

Five pitchers in the top 10 in all-time losses pitched in the modern era. By modern era, I mean post 1947 (Jackie Robinson). All five are in the Hall of Fame. Can you name them?   1-  (3rd overall)... Nolan Ryan 292 losses. 2 - (5th overall)... Phil...

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