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Stephen "Sarge" Guilfoyle is the founder and President of Sarge986 LLC, a family run trading operation. An NYSE floor trader for over 30 years, Guilfoyle has served as the Chief Market Economist for Stuart Frankel & Co., the U.S. Economist for Meridian Equity Partners, and as a Vice President in Block Trading and Investment Banking with Credit Suisse over the years. Guilfoyle earned his nickname serving as an actual sergeant in reserve components of the US Marine Corps, and US Army while simultaneously working on Wall Street.
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Recent Articles By The Author

United Technologies Shines

Here's the short course on United Technologies EPS: beat Revenue: beat, +17.5% y/y Highlights: Colllins Aerospace +66% Outlook: Fiscal year EPS $7.90 to $8.05, up from $7.80 to $8.00                Fiscal year organic sales growth 4% to 5%, up from ...

A.M. Inspiration From Your Pinch Hitter, Stephen Guilfoyle

Earnings season in full bloom. Now, we play ball. Suck down that last drop of black coffee and go get another. For Tuesday is upon us, and the good Lord has granted us all at least this one more wake-up. To waste the day would simply be to allow one...

Until Tomorrow

Wow. That was like watching paint dry, huh? You know what's a good thing to do when the volume is slow. Push-ups. Oh, and chewing tobacco helps, too. Just have to get past the fact that it might kill ya. Two of my favorite stocks to own had nice day...

Pre-Closing Bell Tweet

More new 12-month lows and than highs today which you'd never guess from looking at $SPY — James DePorre (@RevShark) July 22, 2019

Somebody Is Giving It a Whirl

Just a heads up. Somebody thinks Whirlpool is going to pop. I am not in the name. Some of you might be. It may not mean anything, but the volume does catch my attention. Looks like there is plenty of volume placing a wager on a WHR 147/142 bear put ...

Warner Wolf and the Prevent Defense

Looking at the defense stocks that I profiled this morning, most of them are in the green today. The exceptions are Lockheed Martin , the crown jewel of defense, in my opinion. That stock is down small, but the company does report tomorrow morning, ...

The Mouse That Roared: How I'm Playing Disney and Netflix

Remember, Disney still has headline titles Frozen 2 and Star Wars: Episode IX coming.

Going for the KO

Coca-Cola reports in the morning. Wall Street is looking for EPS of $0.61 on revenue of $9.84 billion.  I really don't care how they do. Just make the stock move. I'm long a KO $52 / $51 strangle for average of $0.92. I figure the risk/reward is the...

Why Eric Rosengren Is Wrong

I have no super-sized beef with Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren. He simply seems non-committal over whether or not there is a need to reduce the fed funds rate next week. He seems almost relieved that the Bureau of Economic Analysis will release...

Changing Trains

Selling Union Pacific after hitting resistance at the same spot yet again; moving into CSX after stabilizing just above $70.

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