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Stephen "Sarge" Guilfoyle is the founder and President of Sarge986 LLC, a family run trading operation. An NYSE floor trader for over 30 years, Guilfoyle has served as the Chief Market Economist for Stuart Frankel & Co., the U.S. Economist for Meridian Equity Partners, and as a Vice President in Block Trading and Investment Banking with Credit Suisse over the years. Guilfoyle earned his nickname serving as an actual sergeant in reserve components of the US Marine Corps, and US Army while simultaneously working on Wall Street.
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Taking some profits (+47% on this trade) in Microsoft . Leaving most of position in place. Still sticking with long-term Price Target of $160.

Later This Morning

With less macro to focus on this morning, with less in the way of earnings to offer us opportunity, I think it may fall to St. Louis Fed Pres., James Bullard at 11 am ET to wiggle the marketplace one way or the other. He will be speaking from the sa...

Fed's Next Move, Microsoft's Performance, Trading U.S. Bancorp: Market Recon

What the Fed needs to do in July is to cut the FFR by 25 basis points and put the balance sheet management (QT) program to bed two months early.

Welcoming Stephen 'Sarge' Guilfoyle

Good Morning !! Friday morning. Nothing else in the world smells like that. Fed speak. Double talk. Earnings. Macro. Trade tensions. The Strait of Hormuz. Weekly and monthly options expiration. Rising prices on rising volume. Just a mirage? Soon, we...

Netflix's Forecasts Seem a Bit Too Magical

For the third quarter, Netflix expects to add 7 million paid memberships -- despite failing to meet expectations in subscriber numbers in the second quarter and a rise in streaming competition.

Railroaded Transports, Musk's AI Musings and Microsoft at Hand: Market Recon

And just why do we have a federal debt ceiling, anyway? An argument for doing away with it.

CSX Chief Just Put His 'Foote' in Mouth

While some of CSX's earnings numbers went off rails, the company posted an all-time best operating ratio, so CEO comments on call pretty 'puzzling.'

U.S. Monetary Policy, Trading Lockheed, Netflix and United Rentals: Market Recon

Preventing the U.S. dollar from appreciating too aggressively while repairing credit conditions are 'job freaking one'.

Here's How I Look at Trading JPMorgan

JPM joined other banking heavyweights in exceeding expectations at least at the headline level.

Markets' Health, Facebook Libra Hearings, Trading Match Group: Market Recon

For those trading the FANG or FAANG names, and especially Facebook, Tuesday sets up as a day bearing exceptional levels of headline risk.

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