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Robert Powell, Editor of TheStreet’s Retirement Daily, is longtime financial journalist, and a regular contributor to TheStreet, Income Seeker and USA Today. He also serves as editor of the Retirement Management Journal, a peer-reviewed professional journal and program/curriculum director of the online Retirement Management Analyst program at Salem State University. Previously, he served as editor of Retirement Weekly; was managing director of Dalbar, a mutual fund research and publishing concern; and managing director of Acadient, an online financial education company. He has written about personal finance, investments, and retirement since 1986.
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Recent Articles By The Author

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A better option for those seeking dividends is dividend growth-oriented funds and ETFs.

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5 Key Moves That Could Make a Difference for Investors in 2018

Insights and recommendations from the Wells Fargo Investment Institute outlook for the new year.

Sector Picks for 2018: Technology, Healthcare, Defense

Natixis Investment Managers says institutional investors around the world are focused on technology, healthcare and defense and aerospace.

Expect Quantitative Tightening in 2018

A look at Mercer's global and economic outlook for 2018.

Hold Off on Short-Term Fixed-Income Assets and Refinancing That Mortgage

The impact of the Fed's anticipated hike in short-term interest rates is counterintuitive.

Why Teva Will Be Hard Pressed to Maintain Its Dividend in the Long Term

The troubled drug firm slashed its dividend by 75% in August, but its current dividend payout ratio and yield can tell us a lot about the future.

Don't Panic GE Investors, There Are Plenty of Alternatives for Dividend Income

Retirees or people counting on GE's quarterly dividend for income shouldn't panic. But they should rethink their reason for owning industrial conglomerate.

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