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Wells Fargo Rally May Fizzle After Snubs From Customers, Regulator

The San Francisco bank's stock has still climbed nearly 15% since business mogul Donald Trump's presidential victory.

How to Be a Smarter Biotech Investor

Interpreting "K-M curves" correctly is an important tool for biotech investors.

Credit Spreads Can Increase Odds of Winning in the Options Market

Options spreads can help investors benefit from increases in stocks, especially high volatility ones, without having to pay the full price for the stocks.

LEAP Into This Discount Options Play in Duke Energy

Telecom, utilities and energy stocks have dropped post-election; try this bearish options strategy to collect income while you wait.

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Action Alerts PLUS members can dial in and ask Cramer questions.

Join Jim Cramer for a Special Call

Action Alerts PLUS members can dial in and ask Cramer questions.

As British Retail Sales Surge, Take a Look at Ted Baker Stock

British lifestyle retailer Ted Baker may be best play on U.K. retail sales

Soaring Dollar Hurts Trump's Plans

The greenback's surge to a 14-year high will test the limits of Donald Trump's pledge to re-tool the U.S. economy.

Chipmaker Nvidia Is Poised For Yet Another Stellar Quarter

The semiconductor company has been on an incredible run this year as its focus on fast-growing end markets continues to pay off.

How Worried Should Disney Investors Be About ESPN's Subscriber Losses?

ESPN will be the focus of Disney's earnings report Thursday as CEO Bob Iger offers his view on Nielsen's report that the popular sports network lost 621,000 subscribers in October.

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