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Peter Thiel's Founders Fund Bets Big on Bitcoin: LIVE MARKETS BLOG

Founders bought around $15 million to $20 million in bitcoin.

Puerto Rico's 'Tax Haven' Designation a Tax Reform Casualty?: LIVE MARKETS BLOG

Foreign businesses could be forced to leave the island due to higher tax penalties.

For Amazon Private Brands It Was a Game-Changing Year: LIVE MARKETS BLOG

'This is a wake-up call for brands selling on Amazon: it's truly time to pay attention,' said One Click Retail in their review.

Carlos Slim to Trim New York Times Stake: LIVE MARKETS BLOG

Slim owned 17% of the company as of July 28. Following the conversion he'll own 8%.

Nasdaq Visits 7,000 During Another Record Day: LIVE MARKETS BLOG

Nasdaq breaks 7,000, but pulls back a bit.

Boeing, Airbus Iranian Deals May Not Happen: LIVE MARKETS BLOG

The aerospace firms have announced deals to sell about 300 planes to Iranian airlines valued at $40 billion.

A Down Day, But Not As Bad As It Could Have Been: LIVE MARKETS BLOG

Dow ends some 40 points lower after shedding as much as 350 points earlier in the day.

DXC Technology Is 'One of the Cheapest Medium Caps Out There,' Cramer Says

Stockpicker raises $91 stock's price target to $100.

Nvidia Could Add Another $70 From Here, but Don't Buy It Yet, Cramer Says

Chip giant could hit $260, but smart investors will wait for a pullback.

General Electric Could Fall Another 13% From Here, Jim Cramer Says

Company will probably cut guidance and possibly even its dividend when it reports earnings Oct. 20.

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