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Biotech Stocks Rally on Biogen's Landmark Test

Investors might be finally recognizing the hidden value of the firms' drug research and development.

Healthcare and Biotech Are Driving 2018's IPO Surge

Look for a flood of offerings from Chinese names in the second half of the year.

Energy Stocks Decline as Production Concerns Deepen

Still, there is money to be made if you're strategic.

Snap Down 9.4% as Tech Stocks Fall: LIVE MARKETS BLOG

Social-media giant falls on analyst's revenue downgrade, but other popular tech names are slumping as well.

Dow Ends the Session Down 103 Points: CLOSING MARKETS BLOG

Blue chips had been down nearly 265 points earlier in the day.

Stocks Near the Flatline Following FOMC Rate Hike: LIVE MARKETS BLOG

Dow and S&P 500 are slightly lower, while Nasdaq is fractionally higher.

Wall Street Ends Friday With Small Gains: LIVE MARKETS BLOG

All three indices tacked on modest increases.

Join Jim Cramer May 5th for TheStreet's Boot Camp for Investors

Hear the latest market insights from Jim and more than a dozen guest speakers, including PayPal CEO Dan Schulman and columnists Carley Garner, Stephen "Sarge" Guilfoyle and Bob Lang.

Small-Cap Biotech and Tech Names Part of Our Latest 'Sweet 16' Stock Picks

Real Money stock picks from Tim Collins, Skip Raschke, Jim Collins and Bret Jensen.

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