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Trending Tickers: Z, VRX, BIIB, ALXN

U.S. indices are up as oil continues its climb past $50 a barrel.

Morning Movers: GS, VZ, YHOO, BA, MDT

Somewhat dovish tones from Fed Chair Janet Yellen may help markets Tuesday.

Tweets on the Street: Twitter Commemorates D-Day; Shkreli Goes Live

Twitter honors the heroes of D-Day, while Martin Shkreli exercises the freedoms they fought for during his live stream on Periscope.

Trending Tickers: DVN, BBY, TSN, GSAT, VRX

U.S. indices up before Yellen's speech as sales of assets and stocks make markets move.

Morning Movers: BAC, WFC, VIAB, WMT, ORCL

Markets are pricing in a slightly postive open as investors await further indication of the Fed's next move.

Tweets on the Street: 38,000 Shock; Dressing Down at JPMorgan

The latest jobs report leaves people in disbelief while a June rate hike does not seem likely. 

Trending Tickers: SBUX , CC, BAC, ETFC, DNKN

U.S. markets falter Friday after an especially weak jobs report. 

Morning Movers: GPS, AVGO, AMBA

Gap, Broadcom and Ambarella rise on strong earnings results in early trading.

Tweets on the Street: T. Boone Pickens and Bill Gates on Global Energy

Twitter buzz centered on energy as OPEC ministers convened to discuss potentially capping production among member nations.

Trending Tickers: SIG, SRPT, QLIK, WMT

Although markets are flat, Sarepta and Signet have been big movers.

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