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Trending Tickers: FCX, NEM, IVZ, SCHW

Global markets were sent into a tailspin Friday following the U.K.'s decision to exit the European Union.

Morning Movers: GS, BCS, LYG, XRX

The U.K.'s decision to leave the European Union is weighing heavily on global markets.

Trending Tickers: MU, WDC, VMW, LUV

The markets were buoyed Thursday as investors kept a close eye on news surrounding the Brexit referendum.

Morning Movers: BAC, TWLO, AMZN, HD

U.S. futures look to open higher on Thursday as the U.K. votes on whether to stay a part of the European Union. 

Tweets on the Street: Brexit, Yellen and Elon Musk's Empire

The world waits to see if the U.K. will stay in the European Union, while Janet Yellen talks to Congress.

Trending Tickers: ADBE, FB, FDX, TSLA, SCTY

TSLA got hammered after the company purchased solar energy company SolarCity. 

Morning Movers: SCTY, TSLA, WGO, QEP

Markets were up slightly as crude returned to $50 a barrel and a 'Brexit' appears unlikely.

Tweets on the Street: Yellen Uncertain on Outlook; Jack Daniel's Visits NYSE

The Federal Reserve chair speaks about the economic outlook and the upcoming Brexit vote.

Trending Tickers: UAL, MNK, ENDP, BWA

Optimism that the United Kingdom will remain part of the EU was tempered by falling oil prices.

Morning Movers: BAC, MRO, NKE, OPK

Markets are projecting a positive open as Brexit-worries have abated.

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