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Trending Tickers: UAL, MNK, ENDP, BWA

Optimism that the United Kingdom will remain part of the EU was tempered by falling oil prices.

Morning Movers: BAC, MRO, NKE, OPK

Markets are projecting a positive open as Brexit-worries have abated.

Tweets on the Street: Brexit on the Brain, Disney Finds Hit With 'Dory'

Donald Trump fires campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

Trending Tickers: MRO, WMT, CVS, NKE

Oil stocks surge ahead of Brexit vote and Walmart strikes a deal with China.  

Morning Movers: CHK, FCX, CCL, DIS, VRX

Mounting sentiment that the United Kingdom will remain part of the European Union helped buoy stocks Monday.

Tweets on the Street: Countrywide CEO Reportedly Walks as New 'Orange' Season Arrives

Justice Department reportedly drops investigation into former Countrywide CEO, and it's a big weekend for entertainment -- either at the movies or on streaming TV.

Trending Tickers: CHK, SIG, AAPL, KO

U.S. indices were falling ahead of next week's Brexit vote.

Morning Movers: RDEN, VIAB, LL, CRM

U.S. markets are poised for positive open.

Tweets on the Street: Unemployment Claims, Net Neutrality, Curry's Kicks

Unemployment claims appear to be on the rise, the Federal Reserve noted in a Thursday tweet.

Trending Tickers: KR, PXD, M, YHOO, VRX

Markets fell Thursday amid central bank and Brexit uncertainty.

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