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Trending Tickers: MDLZ, HSY, CHK, HBI

It appears the Brexit-triggered panic is subsiding as markets begin to rebound.

Morning Movers: LGF, BD, MS, TWLO

Lions Gate Entertainment makes acquisition move while bank shares react to the Federal Reverse's stress test results.

Tweets on the Street: What Brexit Means for Trump; Kanye's Deal With Adidas

Kanye West signed an expanded deal with Adidas and the Federal Reserve released the results from its latest stress test. 

Trending Tickers: DRII, SWN, ADDYY, NDLS

Diamond Resorts shares jump on acquisition news, while Southwestern Energy declines on a large stock offering.

Morning Movers: TRSO, NCLH, PVTB, ALV

U.S. futures are getting a boost as oil prices once again show signs of recovery.

Tweets on the Street: Brexit, Nike Flat-Footed and Driverless Cars

Merrill Lynch speculates on Brexit, Nike revenues disappoint and Uber warns of driverless cars.

Trending Tickers: MU, SWN, TWLO, DKS

U.S. indices were in recovery mode Tuesday as markets shake off Brexit fears. 

Morning Movers: VLKAY, LC, SCTY, SWKS, DB

U.S. indices are poised to open higher Tuesday as first-quarter GDP was revised and world markets start to stabilize. 

Tweets on the Street: U.K. Credit Slashed; 'Pump and Dump' Scheme

Standard & Poor's cuts the U.K. credit rating on National Sunglasses Day. 

Trending Tickers: BAC, PAG, MCD, DAL, AAL

Brexit worries continued to weigh on markets in Monday's trading.

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