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AT&T Is Overpaying for Time Warner

Telecom giant is spending $85.4 billion just to stay relevant.

SeaWorld Sinks, Newell Floats and Costco Treads Water

SeaWorld shares were down again in the premarket after dropping 11% late Monday following the slashing and discontinuation of its dividend.

Wayfair Faces Battle by Bricks-and-Mortar Furniture Retailers

Traditional bricks-and-mortar furniture retailers are making a comeback, proving that consumers like to feel the furniture before bringing it home.

Trending Tickers: FSLR, MU, STX, WDC, COST

Oil prices erased their gains this week on less-than-expected stockpile reductions.

Morning Movers: WWAV, PEP, WDC, MRO, WLL

Oil prices continued to recover Thursday from sharp declines over the holiday weekend.

Tweets on the Street: Bill Gross on 'De-Globalization,' Pimco Talks China

It's time for China to address the threat of a "middle income trap," Pimco says.

Portfolio Roundup: AAPL, BIIB, COST

Action Alerts PLUS holdings Apple, Biogen and Costco make moves in the market with Brexit concerns, drug prospects and overall vulnerability. 

Trending Tickers: SWN, ABT, AAL, UAL, EW

Oil began to rebound Wednesday from steep declines earlier this week.

Morning Movers: NTK, WBA, TSLA, MA

Walgreens reports mixed quarterly results, Nortek bought for $2.8 billion as stocks point lower.

Tweets on the Street: Gates and Buffett Mark Friendship's Silver Anniversary

It has been 25 years since the Oracle of Omaha befriended the co-founder of Microsoft.

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