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Data Suggest Market's Progress May Slow, but Have You Heard About Seasonality?

The November-to-April period coming out of a midterm election year has been good to investors -- for a long time.

Etsy Has Crafted a Bearish Reversal Pattern Now

Charts indicate the stock's significant run starting in early February is ending.

Twitter Is Showing a Bullish Reversal Pattern Here

Charts say downtrend that began last July is ending.

In This Market, Should We Trust the Charts or the Data?

Insiders continue to gobble up stock with the greatest intensity since September 2015.

Contrarian Market Data Has Turned Very Bullish: Now What?

What do you do when the crowd is jumping ship and insiders are on a buying spree?

These 7 Stocks Are Ready to Change Direction

Each of these names is showing technical bullish or bearish reversal patterns.

Insiders Continue Their Buying Spree and Why That's Important

We strongly recommend you look at this chart.

Improved Charts and Breadth Suggest More Upside for Stocks

Wednesday's surge in the stock market produced multiple improvements.

Amazon Is Among 10 Big Stocks Set to Change Direction

These names are showing technical signs of either bullish or bearish reversal patterns.

5 Encouraging Signs for This Stock Market

We may have been a little early in our call, but strength now appears to be here.

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