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Guy S. Ortmann, CMT is a successful equity research analyst/strategist with a proven track record, over the past two decades, of using a combination of technical and fundamental analysis for timely and profitable U.S. macro equity market and stock/commodity specific ideas for institutional and high net worth clients. His research has been published in many high visibility Wall Street publications. It is his view that both technical and fundamental analysis are absolute requirements for consistent portfolio performance.  

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Recent Articles By The Author

Data Shows Muted Sentiment on Market Highs

Given that the DJI has rallied over 4,500 points from its December low, we would expect the crowd to be cheering wildly -- but it isn't.

Schlumberger Could Go the Other Way

Shares of the oil services giant look ready to reverse course.

This Small-Cap Energy Stock May Finally Be Ready to Reverse

Let's drill down and see what we come up with.

Clouds Are Gathering on the Data Front

Some of the data is suggesting near-term gains may become harder to come by, but the charts are still positive.

Has Weyerhaeuser Found Its Way Out of the Woods?

WY has not only managed to break above resistance but also violate the long-term downtrend line simultaneously.

3 Cheers for the Lack of 'Crowd' Enthusiasm

An absence of excitement on the part of the leveraged ETF traders is an important plus for the market.

This Chip Stock Is Ready to Reverse Direction

Resistance has now been violated by a notable margin.

The Stock Market May Have Some Positive Surprises Up Its Sleeve

Several index charts have seen bullish action.

Insiders Are Getting More Comfortable With Q1 Numbers

Insider buying activity has seen a notable rise, but our outlook is unchanged.

This Energy Stock Has a Reversal in Its Pipeline

When a stock forms a 'bullish reversal pattern' we take notice.

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