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This Large-Cap Energy Stock Is Ready to Change Direction

The name has formed a 'bullish reversal pattern.'

Time for a Pause in the Stock Market Rally?

The Dow has recently seen a 2,000-point trough-to-peak gain.

This Chemical Stock Has the Formula for a Bullish Reversal

At the very end of December, the shorter of the two downtrend lines was violated suggesting a possible reversal at hand.

Why More Gains May Be in Store for This Stock Market

Our analogy of the markets being 'akin to dry wood waiting for a spark' last Friday was prescient.

This Stock Market: Like Dry Wood Waiting for a Spark

When the crowd becomes excessively bearish as insiders gobble up stock, it is usually coincident with a market bottom.

Stock Market Charts and Data Say 'Buy'

Everything on our screens is suggesting an imminent positive turn for the major equity indices is at hand.

Technical Evidence Suggests Rally Still Has Fuel in the Tank

Breadth needs improvement and some downtrends remain intact, but the charts indicate the indices can push higher near term.

While the Charts are Negative, the Data Is Bullish

There is a host of data suggesting an important buying opportunity may be at hand.

Insiders Are Buying Heavily as the Crowd Continues Selling

Bullish market psychology is being counterbalanced by charts trends.

This Chip Stock Is Ready to Reverse Direction

Vishay Intertechnology has formed a bullish reversal pattern.

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