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How Much Downside for Stocks Remains After Thursday?

Thursday's downdraft leaves trends unchanged.

Bad Breadth and Market Bifurcation Could Present Problems

The DJIA reached new highs on negative breadth.

A Split Market Is Not a Healthy Market

There is a bifurcation in the stock market right now that is troubling.

IBM Is Among These 8 Stocks Set to Reverse Direction

These names are showing technical signs of either bullish or bearish reversal patterns over the past week.

Market Is Sending Out Mixed Signals at the End of the Quarter

Much could be revealed next week as the new quarter begins.

These 2 Key Index Charts Have Been Damaged

We have lowered our market outlook. Here's why.

Here's What the Stock Market's Charts and Data Are Telling Us

Checking in on the latest trends and indicators.

8 Stocks Poised to Change Direction

These names are showing technical characteristics of either bullish or bearish reversal patterns.

This Important Index May Be the Next to Break Out

Keep an eye on this one after the S&P 500 and DJIA reach new highs.

How This Crazy Stock Market Is 'Pushing the Envelope'

Two major indices are now at important levels.

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