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Guy S. Ortmann, CMT is a successful equity research analyst/strategist with a proven track record, over the past two decades, of using a combination of technical and fundamental analysis for timely and profitable U.S. macro equity market and stock/commodity specific ideas for institutional and high net worth clients. His research has been published in many high visibility Wall Street publications. It is his view that both technical and fundamental analysis are absolute requirements for consistent portfolio performance.  

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Recent Articles By The Author

Market Breadth Deteriorates - And So Does Our Outlook

The NYSE cumulative advance/decline line has shifted to neutral from positive.

Index Charts Are Weakening Even as Market Data Improves

Several negative technical events have been registered.

Upside for This Market May Be Limited From Here

Insider selling is now at levels seen only two other times in the past decade.

Nasdaq Composite Breaks Resistance

The market skies are sunny, and our outlook remains positive.

What's Next for This Stock Market?

We have recently suggested a heightening of vigilance.

Delphi Technologies Looks Ready to Drive the Other Way

DLPH has formed a 'bullish reversal pattern.'

We Are Getting a Little Nervous About This Stock Market

A few issues are starting to nag at us.

Lack of Investor Exuberance Is a Positive for Stocks

The Dow closing above near-term resistance is notable.

Infinera Looks to Have Formed a 'Bullish Reversal Pattern'

The price of INFN is spiking again today in response to positive quarterly earnings from the communications equipment maker.

There Are Still No Sell Signals in This Stock Market

Index charts are showing uptrends and positive breadth.

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