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Guy S. Ortmann, CMT is a successful equity research analyst/strategist with a proven track record, over the past two decades, of using a combination of technical and fundamental analysis for timely and profitable U.S. macro equity market and stock/commodity specific ideas for institutional and high net worth clients. His research has been published in many high visibility Wall Street publications. It is his view that both technical and fundamental analysis are absolute requirements for consistent portfolio performance.  

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Recent Articles By The Author

Charts and Data Are Improving, and So Is Our Outlook

Given the technical chart improvements, data and valuation, we are feeling more positive about this market.

We Are Still in Neutral Territory, but the View Is Improving

Tuesday's improvements were helpful, but we still hold our "neutral" near-term outlook for the major equity indices.

This Market Is Oversold, but We Are Still Cautious

The indices are facing significant overhead resistance, right now.

All Equity Indices Are in Downtrends

OB/OS data remains oversold.

Near-Term Reprieve Wouldn't Alter Negative Landscape for Stocks

Most stock indices remain in downtrends.

Where Do We Go From Here?

All of the indices are in short-term downtrends with the exception of the S&P 500.

Charts and Market Breadth Continue to Deteriorate

Multiple index support levels break.

The Markets Should Be More Worried Than They Appear

Despite charts and data remaining neutral, we are increasingly cautious, as we believe outside events may have a notable impact not yet priced in.

Distribution Has Us on the Watch for More Market Clouds

Several 50-day moving averages for the indices have been violated.

Charts Improve, but Not Enough to Tip the Scales

Only one major stock index remains in a negative trend. Guess which one.

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