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Speed Bumps Ahead? Indices Give Up Intraday Gains

The intraday action on Tuesday was troubling, as selling that appeared late in the day pushed most of the indices back to their intraday lows.

The S&P Midcap Is Rising, but Watch for Overbought Indicators

The pros are anticipating some near-term weakness.

This Chip Stock Is Ready to Change Direction

A well-known semiconductor name has formed a 'bullish reversal pattern.'

Some Index Stochastic Levels Are Now Overbought

Let's check the charts and data for any implications.

Nasdaq 100 and Composite Poised to Lead the Market Higher

We now suspect the markets will become much more selective regarding upward participation.

More Index Support Levels Break

Dow Transports now show a 'hammer' formation.

Market Breadth Deteriorates - And So Does Our Outlook

The NYSE cumulative advance/decline line has shifted to neutral from positive.

Index Charts Are Weakening Even as Market Data Improves

Several negative technical events have been registered.

Upside for This Market May Be Limited From Here

Insider selling is now at levels seen only two other times in the past decade.

Nasdaq Composite Breaks Resistance

The market skies are sunny, and our outlook remains positive.

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