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Looking for Signals to Sell? They Are Hard to Find

All the major equity indices remain in short-term uptrends.

DXC Technology Is Poised to Change Direction

Why we believe this IT firm has formed a significant pattern.

Consolidation Period May Be Over as Several Index Charts Break Resistance

The majority of the major equity indices remain in uptrends.

Capri Holdings Has Designs on a Reversal Pattern

Why CPRI stock looks poised to change course.

Insiders Are Pulling Back on Their Buying

The outlook is still near-term positive, but caution is warranted.

This S&P 500 Metric Is Not a Good Sign for Market Bulls

When at these levels in early 2018, the markets went through some notable choppiness.

Is This Stock Poised to Reverse Course? You Don't Know the 'Half' of It

RHI has formed a bullish reversal pattern.

Index Uptrends Are Intact, but Data Wave Yellow Flags

The McClellan oscillators remain overbought.

This Semiconductor Stock Looks Ready to Reverse

RMBS has formed a bullish reversal pattern.

Be Ready for This Rally to Lose Steam

The data is increasingly suggesting a pause/retracement of January's gains. Get ready for it.

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