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Insiders Are Buying Heavily as the Crowd Continues Selling

Bullish market psychology is being counterbalanced by charts trends.

This Chip Stock Is Ready to Reverse Direction

Vishay Intertechnology has formed a bullish reversal pattern.

If I Had a Hammer Formation, What Does It Mean for Stocks?

Hammer formations now appear on multiple stock market charts.

2 Key Reasons Thursday's Stock Market Was Encouraging

We would also note the markets appear to be well undervalued via the 'rule of 20' theory.

This Chip Equipment Maker Is Ready to Change Direction

Entegris has formed a bullish reversal pattern.

The Stock Market's Valuation and Seasonality Should Be Encouraging to Investors

Short-term uptrends remain intact.

Why We Raised Our Market Outlook After Tuesday

Only one major equity index remains in a near term downtrend. Guess which one.

Federated Investors Stock Is Set to Change Direction

FII has broken its prior downtrend line and violated resistance after a six-month basing period.

Newmont Mining Has Unearthed a Bullish Reversal Pattern

NEM has now violated resistance that had been in effect for around three months.

Bulls Will Be 'Psyched' About These Market Readings

It is encouraging how the psychology readings (contrarian indicators) are currently stacking up.

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