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Eric Jhonsa

Eric Jhonsa is TheStreet's technology columnist. He previously handled Seeking Alpha's tech news coverage, and before that was a writer for The Motley Fool.

Eric has a B.A. in Economics from Columbia University. He can be reached at

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Recent Articles By The Author

Netflix Reports Earnings on Tuesday: 5 Important Things to Watch

Along with its total subscriber adds, keep an eye on Netflix's regional growth rates, as well as its free cash flow guidance and content spending outlook.

TSMC's Guidance Did Nothing to Spoil the Fun for Chip Stocks

Though the chip manufacturing giant is lower post-earnings, there's a lot to like about its revenue and capex guidance, as well as other commentary it shared.

Small-Caps and Tech Giants Present Opportunities as Bubble Stocks Deflate

The selloff in speculative tech names likely has further to go. But other tech names could still do well as markets rotate.

6 Thoughts on Intel's Bold Manufacturing Plans and Subdued 2021 Guidance

The chip giant is clearly thinking big under new CEO Pat Gelsinger. But a turnaround will take time to pull off.

3 Types of Tech Stocks That Could Do Well Amid a Lengthier Rotation

Tech companies likely to see revenue growth inflect higher could continue doing well, as might relatively inexpensive ones that are poised to continue growing.

5 Chip Stocks to Consider as Markets Tumble

While chip stocks have outperformed in recent months, some still look intriguing as tech stocks in general sell off this week.

Why the Plunge in More Speculative Tech Stocks Might Not Be Over Yet

High valuations, margin debt and the ARK effect could lead to more pain for some names. But the selloff could also create buying opportunities in other tech companies.

The 1999/2000 Bubble Didn't End All at Once...and This One Might Not Either

One possible outcome: The party ends relatively soon for some of the more speculative names, while other high-multiple stocks remain strong until inflation and the Fed become issues.

Microsoft May Have Eyed Pinterest for Some of the Same Reasons It Wanted TikTok

Microsoft owns a slew of assets that it could use to strengthen each business, and it could see strategic value in owning a popular consumer social media platform.

How the Pandemic Is Driving Speculative Manias in Stocks and Many Other Markets

While the Fed and stimulus have clearly played roles, the pandemic's psychological effects on many people have also arguably been a factor.

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