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Eric Jhonsa

Eric Jhonsa is TheStreet's technology columnist. He previously handled Seeking Alpha's tech news coverage, and before that was a writer for The Motley Fool.

Eric has a B.A. in Economics from Columbia University. He can be reached at

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Recent Articles By The Author

5 Profitable Tech Companies With Above-Average Bond Yields

The recent bond selloff spells higher yields for corporate debt. Here's a look at some profitable tech firms whose debt yields easily top those of treasuries.

SurveyMonkey's Valuation Looks Too High Considering its Growth Rates

The online survey software firm's stock soared on its first day of trading, leaving it with multiples one normally sees granted to faster-growing firms.

3 Software Stocks Now Available at a Discount

Unlike most of their peers, Electronic Arts, Zuora and Dropbox have gone on sale in recent weeks.

What Investors Should Know as Dell Gets Set to Go Public

Some parts of Dell's empire are well-positioned to grow. Others face major challenges.

Facebook and Twitter's Political Scrutiny Comes at an Unfortunate Time

The social media firms have already been dealing with domestic user growth pressures that have little or nothing to do with their political controversies.

Apple Might Once Again Be Seriously Thinking About Launching a Car

Recent patent disclosures and hiring activity suggest Apple's Project Titan is doing more than just working on self-driving systems.

Google's Pixel 3 Could be a Success if More Carriers Sell It

Though its rumored hardware specs aren't anything to write home about, broader carrier support could allow Google's Pixel 3 to outsell the Pixel 2.

NetApp's CEO: IT Spending Conditions Still Look Good

In a talk with TheStreet, CEO George Kurian says macro conditions still bode well for IT spending, and that NetApp continues taking flash storage share from rivals.

Amazon's Booming Ad Business Now Seems to Be a Bigger Company Priority

Reports indicate the e-commerce giant is making several moves to overhaul and expand its ad business.

Data Center Stocks Are Worth a Look as Cloud Spending Keeps Growing

While data center REITs have bounced their early-2018 lows, favorable long-term trends could let them add to their gains.

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