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Eric Jhonsa

Eric Jhonsa is TheStreet's technology columnist. He previously handled Seeking Alpha's tech news coverage, and before that was a writer for The Motley Fool.

Eric has a B.A. in Economics from Columbia University. He can be reached at

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Recent Articles By The Author

Apple's Watch and AirPods Penetration Rates Leave Plenty of Room for Growth

Though Apple's wearables sales have been growing rapidly, only a small percentage of iPhone users currently use the Apple Watch or AirPods.

Marvell and Workday's Post-Earnings Moves Say a Lot About Market Expectations

Marvell brushed off a light quarterly outlook, while Workday slumped in spite of raising its guidance. Valuations are a factor, but so are long-term expectations.

Huawei's Work on Alternatives to U.S. Tech -- And the Challenges They Face

In areas ranging from operating systems to mobile processors to CPU core designs, the Chinese tech giant is looking for replacements to U.S.-developed tech.

Autodesk's Tumble Is a Reminder Cloud/SaaS Firms Can Face Macro Pressures Too

The CAD/CAM software giant is down sharply after blaming European and Chinese macro uncertainty for a slight cut in its full-year guidance.

Instagram's Threads App Is Another Sign of Messaging's Importance to Facebook

As Facebook pushes ahead with plans to fully integrate its various messaging services, Instagram is testing an app that encourages constant sharing with close friends.

Intel, Huawei and an Intriguing Startup Aim to Challenge Nvidia in AI Training

Though gaining significant share from Nvidia in the lucrative and fast-growing AI training accelerator market might prove easier said than done, a slew of companies are making big bets in this space.

Alibaba's Revenue Momentum Compares Favorably with Tencent's

The Chinese e-commerce giant soundly beat June quarter estimates while reporting strong for its bread-and-butter Chinese e-commerce operations.

Tencent's Revenue Miss Points to a Mix of Macro and Company-Specific Pressures

A cautious ad-spending environment, competition from ByteDance and the changing habits of WeChat Pay users weighed on Tencent's top line. Some of these issues are less worrisome than others.

Microsoft Is Teaming More With Companies It Shares Common Rivals With

The software giant's partnerships with the likes of Samsung, Walmart, Adobe and Verizon share a common thread.

Broadcom's Strategy for its Symantec Deal Has a Lot in Common with its CA Deal

As is the case with CA, Broadcom wants to significantly cut the spending of Symantec's enterprise security unit and streamline its offerings. But the unit faces a tougher competitive environment than CA's core mainframe software business.

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