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Eric Jhonsa

Eric Jhonsa is TheStreet's technology columnist. He previously handled Seeking Alpha's tech news coverage, and before that was a writer for The Motley Fool.

Eric has a B.A. in Economics from Columbia University. He can be reached at

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Recent Articles By The Author

3 Possibilities for When the Bubble Bursts for High-Multiple Tech Stocks

If it doesn't end soon, the frenzy for select tech names could last until vaccines drive changes in consumer spending, or until inflation begins picking up.

Snowflake Is Being Given a Nosebleed Valuation Despite Intensifying Competition

Microsoft just made a rival cloud data warehouse service generally available to customers, while Amazon and Google continue to improve their rival offerings.

AT&T's HBO Max Strategy Change Doesn't Go Far Enough -- Not Yet, Anyway

If AT&T is serious about making HBO Max a top-tier streaming player, it needs to provide first-day access to Warner Bros. films permanently, rather than until the end of 2021.

Not All of Tech Is in a Bubble -- But Certain Parts of it Arguably Are

Electric car makers, high-growth software firms and select tech companies operating in consumer-facing industries have been bid up to nosebleed valuations.

Salesforce's Earnings and the Slack Deal: 7 Important Things That Were Shared

Salesforce beat estimates, issued mixed quarterly guidance, confirmed the Slack acquisition and outlined its post-acquisition plans for Slack.

5 Thoughts on Salesforce's Reported Interest in Acquiring Slack

Salesforce could see value both in how Slack is used to collaborate with co-workers and in how it's increasingly used to engage with customers.

DoorDash's Financials Bode Well for its IPO

In addition to seeing blistering growth, the U.S. restaurant-delivery leader has been cash-flow positive this year. That makes for quite the contrast with Uber's delivery unit.

Airbnb Has a Good -- But Not Necessarily Great -- Story to Sell Wall Street

The company is doing a lot better than some peers right now and could see demand surge as 2021 progresses. But a difficult cost structure and competitive pressures shouldn't be ignored either.

Roblox Is All But Guaranteed a Blockbuster IPO

The company can pitch itself as both a gaming and a cloud platform play, is growing rapidly, and is cash-flow positive.

2020's Impact on Consumer Tech Adoption Will Have Long-Term Effects

This year has probably created long-term changes in the adoption curves for things such as e-commerce and gaming.

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