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Eric Jhonsa

Eric Jhonsa is TheStreet's technology columnist. He previously handled Seeking Alpha's tech news coverage, and before that was a writer for The Motley Fool.

Eric has a B.A. in Economics from Columbia University. He can be reached at

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Recent Articles By The Author

Microsoft May Have Eyed Pinterest for Some of the Same Reasons It Wanted TikTok

Microsoft owns a slew of assets that it could use to strengthen each business, and it could see strategic value in owning a popular consumer social media platform.

How the Pandemic Is Driving Speculative Manias in Stocks and Many Other Markets

While the Fed and stimulus have clearly played roles, the pandemic's psychological effects on many people have also arguably been a factor.

Reopening Plays Deserve a Closer Look With Vaccine Progress and Other Events

Recent vaccine-related data is encouraging, and the stage is being set for a major second-half surge in travel, dining and live events spending.

2021 and 2022 Look Difficult for Intel, While 2023 -- Might -- Be Better

Competition from AMD and ARM CPU developers looks set to take a toll over the next two years. But Intel could be in better shape in 2023 if its new CEO is ready to make some tough choices.

Netflix's Post-Earnings Surge Might Bode Well for Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon

The streaming giant's numbers and commentary were arguably just good, rather than amazing. But with its stock having underperformed for months, that's all that markets needed.

Cybersecurity Stocks that Lagged in 2020 Could Get Boost from SolarWinds Hack

The hack stands to drive an uptick in corporate and government spending to protect both on-premise and cloud assets.

TSMC's Big 2021 Capex Budget Might Have Something to Do With Intel

While expected demand from clients such as Apple and AMD is also probably motivating TSMC to invest more, the size of its 2021 capex budget suggests other factors are also at play.

How Intel and AMD's Newest CPUs Measure Up

Intel's gaming performance is still pretty competitive, but AMD has a clear edge for content-creation workloads. And its CPUs often strike a better balance between performance and power consumption.

$2,000 Stimulus Checks Might Drive One Last Surge of Speculative Buying

Thursday's big gains in Robinhood favorites might partly be a case of investors front-running purchases they expect to be made with the help of new stimulus checks.

Why the Current Bitcoin Frenzy Possibly Hasn't Peaked Yet

Google search activity for Bitcoin still hasn't reached late-2017 levels, and retail and institutional support for Bitcoin as a store of value appears to have grown meaningfully since then.

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