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Eric Jhonsa

Eric Jhonsa is an independent tech stock investor who contributes tech stocks coverage to TheStreet's Real Money. Previously, he has worked full-time for TheStreet from 2016-2020 and Seeking Alpha from 2011-2016 covering tech news. With a B.A. in Economics from Columbia University, Jhonsa takes a big-picture view of how macroeconomic conditions and tech trends stand to influence companies and their stock prices. 

Jhonsa likes to maintain a large number of long and short positions, and trims and adds to positions actively. On the long side, he specializes in investing in tech companies that benefit from secular growth trends and have durable competitive strengths, while keeping a close eye on valuations and long-term margins/profitability. On the short side, he looks for highly overvalued companies, particularly ones that have benefited from speculative euphoria and/or whose business models look deeply flawed. 

When he’s not focused on tech stocks, you can find Jhonsa playing tennis, taking landscape photography or rooting for Philadelphia sports teams. 

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