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Alex Frew McMillan is a widely respected and experienced foreign correspondent, having spent more than two decades as a business reporter, feature writer and editor, the last 10 years spent specializing in real-estate coverage. He has worked for some of the most prestigious global media organisations, including CNN, as a business reporter, and Reuters, as the Asia real-estate correspondent.

As a free-lancer, he has written regularly for The New York Times, and is a contributor to and Forbes. He has also written the occasional piece for publications such as The Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, The Australian, the Economist Intelligence Unit and CNBC.

He covered the September 11, 2001 attacks for CNN, writing the first reaction to the disaster from governments around the world, and wrote a series of well-regarded stories about greater China’s property slowdown for Reuters. His real-estate coverage has explained the importance of property trends for institutional investors as well as for individual property owners. He also covered the hedge-fund industry for six years and has focused on alternative as well as personal finance.

Since moving to Hong Kong from New York City 15 years ago, he has devoted himself to coverage of Asia, writing magazine stories and analysis pieces for Asian Investor, the South China Morning Post and the Straits Times, as well as many magazines. He has also made numerous appearances on both television and radio to discuss his work.

With a South African father and British mother, he took up a Morehead Scholarship to study in the United States, one of the best-known merit scholarships in the country, offered to candidates considered to have leadership potential.

He graduated with a degree in Journalism and English from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with honors and distinction, and serves as co-chairman of the university's alumni association in Hong Kong. Besides reporting, he is also an avid tennis player, snowboarder and scuba diver, and is a PADI-certified divemaster.

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Recent Articles By The Author

Enter Chinese Currency Policy 7.0

China will likely soon allow the yuan to fall past 7.0 to the U.S. dollar, and the move's effects will spillover as the rest of Asia weakens.

Carrefour Beats Retreat in China, Following Walmart and Tesco

International grocery giants aren't finding that their brand names go far in China anymore, where the biggest homegrown online platforms add bricks and mortar to their sales mix.

Foxconn's Future Shows How Taiwan Gains from China's Pain

The world's largest contract manufacturer said goodbye on Friday to founder Terry Gou, who is running for Taiwan's president; its plans pave the way for Taiwan's economic and political future.

Tencent-Backed WeDoctor Scraps International Listing for Shanghai

The healthcare app creator reportedly shelves a Hong Kong listing in favor of "China's Nasdaq" due to data privacy and transparency concerns.

Alibaba Listing Would Brighten a Hong Kong Darkened by Mainland's Clouds

Alibaba Group appears to be prepping a Hong Kong stock offering that could be worth $20 billion, and give a vote of confidence at a time of great tumult.

IPO Gives Chinese Couple a 'Hansoh' Sum

The initial public offering of Hansoh Pharmaceutical Group made the Chinese couple Zhong Huijuan and Sun Piaoyang the richest in the nation.

Hong Kong Strife Claims First Stock Exchange Victim as Tear Gas Wafts

A Hong Kong-listed mainland Chinese property developer has shelved the purchase of a billion-dollar land plot in the city, walking away from a hefty deposit. It blames political chaos.

Investors Should Heed Hong Kong's 'Million-Strong March'

Does Hong Kong become "just another Chinese city" with its proposed extradition law? Many critics say the city's special status within greater China is slipping away.

China's Drugmakers Under Scrutiny After Stanford Admissions Scandal

Chinese authorities are auditing the books of 77 drugmakers, including three multinationals, they say were selected at random. Were they motivated by embarrassment over a college-admissions payment made by a Chinese pharmaceuticals' tycoon?

Why Tiananmen Square Censorship Matters to International Investors

Reuters found itself in the strange position of writing a news story to explain why its news stories about the Tiananmen Square massacre weren't appearing on an investment-data platform it created.

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