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Bruce Kamich

Bruce Kamich brings five decades of experience with bulge bracket investment banks to the Real Money team. He was one of the earliest Chartered Market Technicians (CMTs) in the financial industry, and has authored two books on charting and technical analysis. 

As our in-house market technician, Kamich specializes in utilizing technical analysis to time the market using classic pattern recognition, indicators, candlesticks, and Point and Figure methods. Kamich is someone who will help you find short-term and medium-term investing opportunities that other analysts might miss. 

Teaching others how to utilize technical analysis for financial gain is something Kamich is very passionate about. He taught technical analysis at Baruch College for 21 years. He has been contributing regularly to Real Money since 2015 and authors articles specializing in technical analysis. In his free time, he is currently working on a novel about diving for buried treasure.

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