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Bruce Kamich is TheStreet's in-house technical analyst with a 43 year career with a number of bulge bracket firms like Morgan Stanley, Smith Barney Harris Upham, and Merrill Lynch. Along the way he accumulated knowledge about the fundamentals of the commodity markets, interest rates, equities and ETFs. 

In addition to writing for Kamich has been teaching technical analysis at Baruch College for the past twenty years.

Kamich was one of the earliest Chartered Market Technicians  or CMTs, a professional designation similar to the CFA title. He has authored two books on charting and technical analysis - "How Technical Analysis Works"  and "Chart Patterns." He is a two-time past president of the Market Technicians Association (now called the CMTA), the professional organization for chartists worldwide. He was also the president of the Market Technicians Association Educational Foundation (
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