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Oil Prices Move as Tropical Storm Cindy Makes Landfill in Gulf

Some oil terminals have been closed in the Gulf of Mexico and employees evacuated as Tropical Storm Cindy hits the oil rich region.

Uber CEO Kalanick Steps Down From Head of Company Amid Drama

Travis Kalanick Resigned from the company he founded and helped build after a shareholder revolt made it impossible for him to stay at the company.

Tax Reform Could be Underway, Speaker Ryan to Give Speech

House Speaker Paul Ryan is not expected to describe details of tax reform but will speak broadly on what it may look like, not just the benefits.

Wall Street Wakes up to Another Terrorist Attack in London

One person is dead, 10 injured as a van plowed through a crowd near a mosque in London.

London Is Dealing With the Aftermath of Massive, Tragic Fire

50 people injured and deaths reported in a London high-rise apartment fire overnight.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions Testifies About Russia

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions testimony will be open to the public this afternoon.

Uber's Board Is Considering Major Changes to Its Executive Team

The Chief Business Officer is planning to retire as soon as today, according to reports.

British Stocks Rise Even as Voters Choose Hung Parliament

The British pound is getting whacked after the surprise U.S. election results.

Investors Brace for Former FBI Director Comey Testimony Today

Wall Street seems less worried about potential charges or impeachment than last week.

Iran Is the Scene of Another Terror Attack Overnight, 7 Killed

A pair of terror attacks in Iran kill 7 people and injure 35, according to the Fars News Agency.

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