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Hurricane Irma Continues to Pound Florida, Heads North to Georgia

Hurricane Irma has been downgraded to a Category 1 Storm and could reach tropical storm status later today.

Hurricane Irma Now Category 4, Still Headed for Florida

The last flights out of South Florida will go out Friday night.

Hurricane Irma Turns Deadly in Caribbean Before It Heads to Florida

The Caribbean island of Barbuda reportedly has 90% of its building destroyed by Hurricane Irma.

Hurricane Irma Already Impacting the Economy Before Landfall

Shares of Insurance companies, who provide property and casualty coverage in Florida were hit hard.

Global Stocks, Gold React to Latest North Korea Missile Test

South Korea reports that North Korea could be moving an ICBM to the country's west coast.

Long Awaited Tax Reform Plan to Be Unveiled Today, Tax Cuts Expected

President Trump is expected to make a legislative push for tax reform in the fall.

Stocks Sharply Lower on North Korea Missile Launch Over Japan

Japanese President Shinzo Abe says the North Korea ballistic missile launch over his country is a 'great threat to Japan'.

Gas Prices Spike Higher on Catastrophic Situation in Texas

Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath took out 15% of refining capacity.

Hurricane Harvey, Now a Category 2, Heads for Oil-Rich Gulf Coast

Hurricane Harvey was upgraded to a category 2 storm overnight and could be a category 3 before the day is over.

Winning Powerball Ticket is Sold in Massachusetts, $758 Million

The largest single winner ever for Powerball is someone who bought their ticket in Massachusetts.

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