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It's a Big Week in Washington With Healthcare and Tax Reform

Republicans are making a late bid to get enough votes to repeal Obamacare.

North Korea Threatens to Test Hydrogen Bomb Over Pacific

President Donald Trump says North Korea will be tested like never before in a tweet this morning.

SEC Says System Hacked, Company Information May Have Been Comprised

Hackers penetrated the computer system of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Hurricane Maria Weakend but Takes Direct aim at Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria was downgraded overnight to a strong category 4 as it lashes at the Caribbean.

Hurricane Maria Has Quickly Become Another Category 5 Storm

Hurricane Maria is gaining strength and is now a category 5 storm.

Stocks March Higher as Record Rally on Wall Street Continues

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is coming off its best week since December and the S & P 500 is sitting above 2500.

Wall Street Shrugs Off Latest North Korea Missile Launch

North Korea launched another missile over Japan, in violation of United Nations sanctions.

President Trump and Democrat Leaders Meet on Tax Reform Plan

The prospect of tax reform is helping to send stocks to record levels.

Stocks Look to a Minor Pullback After Week of Record Highs

World stock markets have rallied this week as worst case scenarios for Hurricane Irma didn't pan out, refiners are mostly back on line and North Korea has stopped testing nuclear missiles-for now.

Global Stock Markets Follow Wall Street Higher After Record Day

Insurance companies did especially well on Wall Street Monday after taking a beating last week.

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