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Harvey Weinstein Fired, Walmart Speeds Up Returns: Monday's Top Stories

Today's top stories: Harvey Weinstein was ousted after reports of sexual harassment claims, Walmart is making it faster to return items, SpaceX to launch 10 satellites into space today.

Tropical Storm Nate Approaches the Gulf, Costco to Delivery: Friday's Stories

Today's top stories: Tropical storm Nate approaches the Gulf of Mexico, Costco is planning to deliver groceries, anti-nuclear weapons group wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

The House Budget, S&P 500, Federal Reserve: Thursday's Top Stories

Today's top stories: The House budget proposal cuts social programs, the S&P 500 is trying to keep its record setting streak, and Federal Reserve officials are on the speaking circuit today.

Amazon's Taxes, Yahoo! Breach, PepsiCo Earnings: Wednesday's Top Stories

Today's top stories: European Union accuses Amazon of getting illegal tax advantages, Yahoo says its security breach is even bigger, and PepsiCo beat Wall Street Earnings expectations.

Deaths in Vegas Shooting Rises, Former Equifax CEO to Testify: Tuesday's Stories

Today's top stories: The Las Vegas gunman,Stephan Paddock, killed himself as the SWAT team moved in, Equifax's former CEO will testify before Congress, and Goldman Sachs is considering cryptocurrencies.

Shooting in Las Vegas, Spain in Chaos, Disney and Altice: Monday's Top Stories

Today's top stories: Gunman opened fire at a country music festival, killing 50 people, Catalans voted to secede from Spain, and Disney and Altice reach a deal.

Whole Foods Data Breach, IKEA Buys TaskRabbit, and More: Friday's Top Stories

Today's top stories: Whole Foods card payment systems have been hacked, IKEA bought a company, and National Coffee day for coffee lovers!

Roku IPO, Playboy's Hugh Hefner Dies, Twitter and Russia: Thursday's Top Stories

Today's top stories: Roku is expected to raise $219 million in its initial public offering, Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner dies, Twitter and the Russian Investigation.

Long Awaited Tax Reform Plan to Be Unveiled Today, Tax Cuts Expected

Leaked details of the GOP tax reform plan shows big tax cuts for companies and individuals.

U.S. Dollar Hits one Month High Ahead of Fed Chair Yellen Speech

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen speaks today before the National Association for Business Economics.

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