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Another Dramatic Day in Washington D.C. as FBI Hearings Get Underway: Trending Topics

Lots of drama going on in the nation's capitol today; elsewhere, Beauty and the Beast opens with a roar.

This Could be a Defining day for United States-German Relations

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will visit the White House today.

President Donald Trump's Budget Proposal is Released Today

President Trump's budget proposal contains sharp cuts to the State Department, the Arts, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Borrowers to Pay More in Interest as Fed Set to Raise Rates

The Federal Reserve wraps up its 2 day meeting and will almost certainly hand the economy an interest rate increase.

Northeast U.S. is Blasted by a Blizzard, Could Slow Trading

Some companies win and others lose during big snowstorms.

Wall Street Braces for Interest Rate Hike, Blizzard Conditions

The Federal Reserve begins a 2 day meeting this week, where most expect it will raise interest rates.

South Korea in Turmoil After President Park Ousted Overnight

South Korean President Park Guen Hye was impeached over allegations of corruption and cronyism.

Health Care Debate Goes Into the Wee Hours of the Morning

The GOP health care plan cleared the first hurdle as the House Ways and Means Committee approved it.

Wall Street Investors Look to Washington for Guidance

President Donald Trump is meeting with conservative leaders about health care on Wednesday.

House Republicans Unveil Affordable Care Act Overhaul Plan

The House Republican plan to redo Obamacare provides tax credits for people who purchase their own insurance.

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