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IBM Shares Are Plunging After Reporting 20th Straight Revenue Decline

IBM's revenue from cloud, mobile and data crunching rose 13% but that was not enough to offset the sluggish growth at the older businesses.

British Prime Minister Says 'No Turning Back From Brexit'

British Prime Minister Theresa May is calling for a 'snap' or general election on June 8th.

Vice President Mike Pence Sets Stern Tone With North Korea

Vice President Mike Pence says the United States stands with South Korea.

President Donald Trump and China's Leader Xi Talk North Korea

China reportedly wants a peaceful resolution to the North Korea problem.

United Is Facing a Public Relations Nightmare After Viral Video

An effort to boycott United Airlines is underway on social media after a video surfaced showing a passenger being forcibly removed from a United plane.

High Hopes and High Expectations for Upcoming Earnings Season

It's hard to predict how the upcoming earnings season will go, which kicks off this week.

Global Stocks Go on Wild Ride After U.S. Military Strikes on Syria

Dow futures dropped more than 100 points immediately after news of the U.S. military strikes on Syria, but had recovered much of those losses in the morning.

The Leaders of the World's Two Largest Economies Meet Today

U.S. President Donald Trump and China's President Xi Jin Ping will discuss trade policy and how many feel it's tilted in China's favor.

JAB Holdings Paying a 20% Premium for Panera Bread Company

JAB Holdings is buying Panera Bread Company for $7.5 billion dollars.

Bids for Mexico Border Wall are Due Today, Tar Heels Win

Companies interested in working on President Trump's promised wall along the United States-Mexico border must turn in their bids today.

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