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April Expected to See Rebound in Job Growth; Buffett Sells IBM Stake

The April jobs report is out Friday morning.

Facebook Continues to Grow, Nearing 2 Billion Users Worldwide

Facebook brought in $8 billion in revenue in the first 3 months of this year, driven by advertising. Its ad business grew 50% over last year.

Apple iPhone Sales Slow Down, Shares Are Lower in Pre-Market Trading

Apple CEO Tim Cook says sales are slowing because everyone is waiting on the iPhone 8, which is expected to be revealed in September.

Hollywood Writers and Studios Reach Late NIght Agreement

The Hollywood writers reached a deal with the studios on pay per episode and royalties on re-runs.

Government Shutdown Is Averted, Last Minute Spending Bill Approved

Negotiators reach an agreement last night to fund the government through September, avoiding a government shutdown.

Amazon Could Lead Nasdaq to New Record Highs Against Today

Amazon shares soar on a big earnings and sales beat as its cloud business helped drive results.

President Trump Will Negotiate NAFTA With Leaders of Canada, Mexico

President Donald Trump repeatedly railed against the 20 year North American Free Trade Agreement on the campaign trail.

Trump's Long-Awaited Tax Reform Proposal Will Be Released Today

President Donald Trump is expected to stick with a campaign pledge to slash the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%.

French Voters Head to the Polls This Weekend, After Terrorist Attack in Paris

he French go to the polls over the weekend for the first round of voting for President. U.S. markets are cautious after what's been a volatile week for stocks.

Crude Oil Rebounds Today After a Prolonged Slump in Price

Crude oil prices threaten to crack $50 a barrel, just weeks to go before OPEC and other producers have to sign off on a new deal to hold down production.

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