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Nelson Wang edits the technology stocks coverage at TheStreet. Prior to TheStreet, he was the business and personal finance editor for Yahoo!'s home page, and he's also worked as an editor at Condé Nast Portfolio, CBS MoneyWatch, Internet World and aMedia. Nelson has a bachelor's degree in Social Studies from Harvard College. 

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Recent Articles By The Author

Podcast: Apple Services Growth Could Be Great News for Investors

Apple's earnings could be bolstered by the growth of its Services revenue.

Earnings Roundup: Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and What to Expect From Apple

Tech earnings were in focus last week amid disappointing earnings from Facebook and Twitter and blowout results from Amazon.

Listen: The AT&T Time Warner Ruling and Its Impact on M&A

The Deal's senior editor in Washington, D.C. David Hatch and senior writer Chris Nolter break down what the ruling does and doesn't mean for future deals.

Listen: How Golden Is Apple's Future?

The tech giant is now within striking distance of becoming the first company to reach a trillion-dollar valuation. Will recent software announcements help get it there soon?

Listen: WSJ's John Carreyrou on the Theranos Fraud and How It Happened

The massive fraud perpetuated by blood-testing start-up Theranos could not have happened without the lines between traditional technology VC and health care VC blurring. The WSJ reporter who first exposed the fraud explains what happened.

Listen: Should You Buy Cisco Now?

The networking giant beat quarterly earnings and sales expectations, but not by enough to excite investors. Now that its stock has been clipped, is it a good time to get in? Listen to TheStreet's latest episode of Technically Speaking with Nelson Wang.

Listen: Where Does Nvidia's Stock Go From Here?

The red-hot chipmaker just reported another extremely strong quarter of earnings, but also warned about a significant drop in sales to cryptocurrency miners next quarter, causing its stock to decline.

How Amazon's Stock Could Triple in the Next Five Years

It wouldn't be much of a stretch for shares of the e-commerce and cloud giant to hit $2,000, says one analyst.

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