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Apple Buys UK Startup Perceptio to Boost Siri Development

The tech giant has bought U.K based startup Perceptio, an artificial intelligence company which specializes in image recognition systems and deep learning.

'The Martian' Blasts Off With a $55M Win for 21st Century Fox

'The Martian' looks set to be an out of this world winner for 20th Century Fox (FOXA) after the space adventure movie blasted off with a $55 million opening weekend.

Disney Takes Cue From Uber, Introduces Surge Pricing at Theme Parks

Uber may be well-known for it's surge pricing model but it appears that it could also be on its way to Disney's (DIS) theme parks.

As Layoffs Surge In September, How Secure Is Your Job Right Now?

Over the past few months hefty layoffs have been announced at Kraft Heinz (KHC), Hewlett Packard (HPQ), Challenger and Whole Foods (WFM).

Comcast Targets Millennials With New Video Service 'Watchable'

Comcast (CMCSA) is set to launch a pilot testing of its online video service named 'Watchable' on Tuesday.

Yahoo Gears Up For Alibaba Spinoff, With Or Without IRS Approval

Yahoo (YHOO) shares got a boost on Tuesday after the company announced it was ready to spin off its $22 billion stake in eCommerce giant Alibaba (BABA).

The Burger of Darkness Arrives at Burger King for Halloween

Burger King (BKW) is gearing up for Halloween in spooky style with a new Whopper sandwich.

Internet Connectivity Key to India's Economic Growth Says Modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with Facebook (FB) founder Mark Zuckerberg in Silicon Valley this weekend.

Google Search Queries Predict Popular Returning TV Shows

Google (GOOG) is proving itself to be an expert not just on big data gathering but also at predicting TV trends.

Hyundai Recalls Almost Half A Million Popular Sonata Vehicles

Hyundai has announced a recall of almost half a million cars in the U.S. due to a manufacturing issue that could cause engine failure.

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