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Baccardax, a former bond salesman who spent 8 years on the trading floor in Toronto and London, has worked in and around the global financial markets for more than 25 years, covering companies from birth in the bond markets to death in the bankruptcy courts -- and all points in between.
Following television stints with CNBC Europe in London, where he served as on-air Economics editor co-anchor of the Closing Bell program, Baccardax was named London Bureau Chief in October 2016.
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Recent Articles By The Author

Stocks Rattled By Growth, Trade Woes - Where Can Investors Find Value? Podcast

U.S. stocks closed out their worst week of the year Friday as investors shed risk around the world following a collapse in China exports, a sharp downgrade for European economic growth and a dismal reading for American job creation in the month of February.

U.S. Stock Futures Weaken as Global Markets Slide on Saudi Tensions

U.S. stocks look set for another volatile session Monday as investors re-set prices in markets all over the world amid amid escalating tensions between Washington and Riyadh over the death of a prominent Saudi journalist in Turkey last month as well as renewed concerns for trade disputes between the U.S. and its major economic partners.

Podcast: Why Trump Doesn't Want a Soft Brexit

President Donald Trump is looking to score an exclusive trade deal with the United Kingdom, but a soft Brexit, as proposed, by PM Theresa May essentially would nullify by forcing the U.S. to negotiate with the European Union instead. Listen now!

Here's Why You Should Care About the Italian Bond Crisis

Italian bond yields are rising rapidly because the country is laden with debt and in political turmoil. Tracy Byrnes enlisted London Bureau Chief Martin Baccardax to help explain how it will affect us here at home -- because it will.

Flat Yield Curve? This Isn't the Signal You're Looking For ...

Forget what you're being told about a flat U.S. Treasury curve. It's not predicting a recession.

Angry Bunds: A Spike in German Yields Hit Global Stocks, but Likely Won't Last

The ECB is the world's most important central bank at the moment, and it's nowhere near ready to normalize rates or liquidity.

J.C. Penney Gets Hammered -- Is the End Near?

J.C. Penney has seen its stock get rocked in the wake of a massive third quarter earnings warning. Is the end near for the storied lowbrow department store? Perhaps.

Jim Cramer Weighs In on the European Central Bank Announcement

Jim Cramer offers his take on today's decision by the European Central Bank.

ECB Tapering: The Beginning of The Beginning of The End for Quantitative Easing

ECB President Mario Draghi will likely only signal small steps Thursday in the Bank's long path toward policy normalization.

Why You Should Be a Central Bank Watcher

Get your portfolio ready! A string of central bank decisions could have a big impact on your portfolio going into next year.

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