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James "Rev Shark" DePorre

James "Rev Shark" DePorre, a Real Money contributor, is the author of Invest Like a Shark: How a Deaf Guy With No Job and Limited Capital Made a Fortune Investing in the Stock Market. He operates, an interactive online community that serves and educates active investors.
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The Market Trades Randomly as It Awaits Earnings and the Fed

Traders are looking for counter-trend bounces, but this market is not offering many opportunities.

You Can Bank on More Tough Trading

Earnings from JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley were a drag on stocks, as the overall technical picture is still quite unattractive.

Here's Why Long-Term Investors Should Not Be Buying Right Now

In this sort of environment, it is extremely important to be clear about your strategy.

Earnings Season Begins On a Sour Note

JPMorgan Chase turns in disappointing results and makes cautious comments, which reflects the economic mess on the market's hands.

A Hot CPI Report Makes a Recession a Near Certainty

Odds that the Fed will hike rates 1% at its next meeting went from 2% on Tuesday to 75% Wednesday afternoon.

As Consumer Prices Ring in Even Higher, All Eyes on Fed, Rates

A more hawkish central bank could make for a rougher recession as costs increase and real wages don't; also, I've got two stocks on my screen.

What Investors Need to Watch as the June CPI Report Hits

Traders are anxious to catch a counter-trend move when we have a news catalyst like this.

Investors' Next Worry? What Wednesday's CPI Will Bring

We're hearing chatter that the CPI could hit the 10% levels, although I believe that is highly unlikely.

Earnings Will Tell Us If This Economy Is Priced Into the Market

There's no question we'll have a volatile market again on Wednesday when the CPI report is published.

Reading the Recession Tea Leaves Ahead of June's CPI Report

The market faces a dilemma when it comes to the imminent inflation data on both sides of the recession coin.

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