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James "Rev Shark" DePorre

James "Rev Shark" DePorre, a Real Money contributor, is the author of Invest Like a Shark: How a Deaf Guy With No Job and Limited Capital Made a Fortune Investing in the Stock Market. He operates, an interactive online community that serves and educates active investors.
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Recent Articles By The Author

The Market's Biggest Worry Now Is the Lack of Worry

Watch for headlines on China trade and focus on picking individual stocks rather than trying to time the indices.

Light Trading Volume Isn't a Negative - Even in April

Remember what they say about shorting a dull market.

I Wouldn't Worry Too Much About a Market Collapse

Too often the bears will read too much into minor weakness.

5 Stocks on My Radar During a Quiet Day

Sometimes dull action like this can be good for trading.

Bulls Take Control but Can They Keep on Running?

If this rally is going to gain some momentum, we need to see more-selective buying.

Don't Try to Fight This Market Momentum

This rally caught many institutional investors by surprise and when that happens they tend to put money in the most liquid names very fast.

Why This Market Action Has Me Concerned

The indices may be up, but there's no compelling reason to buy right now.

Lyft's Aggressive IPO Pricing Was a Mistake

Poor trading action in Lyft will likely create some distrust of upcoming IPOs, and Uber in particular.

Don't Fight the People's Bank of China

With both the Fed and PBC providing cheap capital, the market has a wind at its back.

An Introduction to Developing an Investing or Trading Style - Part 1

The most important factor is temperament.

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