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Recent Articles By The Author

No Oil Price Relief Until Third Quarter

But there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel.

Why Warren Buffett Dumped Exxon Mobil

Can the Oracle of Omaha's reasoning be taken at face value?

Could Oil Prices Plummet A Second Time?

A temporary glut in supply is causing a massive bust in prices.

Here's What Will Send Oil Prices Up Again

The question is not if oil prices will recover, but when.

Encana Continues Asset Development

Despite falling profits at the energy company.

The Easy Oil Is Gone

So where do we look now?

Is Oil Returning to $100?

Or will it drop to $10 per barrel?

U.S. Oil Companies Cut Rigs

The price of oil takes its toll on rigs.

Oil at $65 Until Mid-2015: Kuwait Official

The CEO of Kuwait's state oil firm predicts $65 oil price.

Russia Tries to Reassure EU on Gas Supply

Russia is mounting a major publicity campaign in Europe for its proposed South Stream gas pipeline.

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