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Recent Articles By The Author

SolarCity Is Now a Utility

Maybe not as big as PG&E or Duke, but a utility nonetheless.

Mideast Oil Addiction Could Spell Disaster

Dwindling oil revenue endangers long-term stability in the region.

Fracking Opposition Carries a Cost

Shunning the process has put Germany in a bind.

Oil's Intricate Dance With the Dollar

You can't consider the value of one without the other.

Can Utilities Survive New Energy Era?

Some will fight a losing battle against solar power.

What Is Holding Solar Back?

Many hurdles remain.

The Oil Guessing Game

Does anyone really know which way oil prices are headed?

France's Areva Faces Nuclear Winter

The state-owned company is reeling from multiple headwinds.

Is Natural Gas a Better Bet Than Oil?

The CEO of one E&P company thinks so.

3 Reasons US Shale Isn't Going Anywhere

Oil producers have work to do.

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