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Recent Articles By The Author

A Seismic Shift in Fracking?

Oklahoma legal battle could hit struggling producers hard.

Saudi Influence on Oil Markets Slipping

Demand dynamics are forcing the Kingdom more toward refining.

Driverless Cars Set to Transform Industry

Investors are already moving money in this direction.

Investors Losing Faith in Tesla?

An increasing number may be likely to ignore the hype.

Airlines Keep Fuel Savings for Themselves

Unless demand changes, don't expect any savings on fares.

Triggers May Sink Oil Prices Further

Besides glut, spring cleaning could be a problem.

No Country for King Coal

The US faces substantial changes in its energy mix.

Wall Street Lost Big on Bad Energy Loans

The knock-on effect will crush cash-strapped energy companies.

Majors Could Be Big Winners of Oil Crash

As dominos in the shale sector fall, Big Oil can scoop up assets.

Can Big Oil Keep Paying High Dividends?

The collapse in oil is blasting a giant hole in balance sheets.

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