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Recent Articles By The Author

The Green Revolution's Inconvenient Truth

Its impact on global employment could be catastrophic.

Do Smart Homes Really Save Money?

The hype may not be justified in terms of real savings.

Cheap Natural Gas Could Be Here to Stay

With production up and demand down, prices have cratered.

The Real History of Fracking

The drilling method isn't new. It's been here since the Civil War.

Shell Bets Future on Liquid Natural Gas

The energy giant is gambling on a highly saturated market.

Could We Finally Have an Oil Price Rally?

Oil prices are finally building some momentum.

The 10 Largest U.S. Oil & Gas Fields

There's been an unsurprising takeover by some major shale plays.

California Previews Global Water Crisis

The good news is this offers opportunities for investors.

Who's to Blame for Oil's Crash?

Identifying the culprits and anticipating what the future holds.

Trouble Ahead for Oil-Field Services

A knock-on effect will continue beyond any rebound in oil prices.

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